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A life-long Badger state native...


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A life-long Badger state native, I was a news gypsy from 1982 to 1988(Oshkosh, Ripon and Fond du Lac). I settled in Sheboygan for the next 16 years, where I was the News Director of WHBL until 2001. I left the newsroom and became Program Director and midday talk-show host. My family (the world's most understanding woman and my two wonderful daughters) and I came to Green Bay and I joined WTAQ in April of 2004. Having bounced around southeast Wisconsin, it's great to be back in this chunk of the state (Coleman High class of '79).

As far as I'm concerned there are two seasons of the year: 1) Packer season, 2) The season when I wish I were watching the Packers. When I'm not plopped in front of the tube watching the Green and Gold, I try to keep my daughters amused, brew my own beer, and talk about taking up golf again. I'm a science fiction geek and swear that one of these days I'm going to write those screen plays that I have had bouncing around in my head for years.

The recipe for my show is simple: discuss topics and stories (many you won't get anywhere else) from a conservative perspective (a perspective I came to a little later in life than most, and one my loving parents are still trying to adjust to). From politics to pop-culture, we'll talk about it here. Our motto is: "There are no toes so big that we won't step on them." But the active ingredient is you, calling in and weighing in on the issues of the day. If you care about issues that concern your corner of the world, I hope you'll check out "The Jerry Bader Show."

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