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Listen to Sheboygan's Morning News with Kelly Meyer and Mike Kinzel weekdays from 5:00am - 9:00am on WHBL!

Kelly Meyer was born and raised in the lakeshore area. Specifically he was born in Manitowoc, grew up in the Reedsville area. So he is well-versed in: fish frys, brat frys and "cooler by the lake."

Kelly's radio career began in 1985 at a small station in Kewaunee. From there he has had stints in the Fox Valley area, Two Rivers, Arizona and Manitowoc, before landing at WHBL in February, 2001.

Away from radio Kelly's interest are
1. Football
2. Football
3. Football

Yes, it's true, Kelly is a Viking fan. No he wasn't dropped on his head as a child, he caught the purple fever when he was 7.
4. Cooking: His chili is legendary, just ask him. But NO NOODLES!
5. Music: Classic rock, especially the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, the Doors, CCR, Joe Walsh.
What drives him nuts?
Political correctness, a lack of common sense, and people constantly texting and talking on their cell phones.
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