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And every Friday is Fish Fry Friday! It's your chance to win perch dinners.

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  •  The Wall Street Journal Report at 5:50, 6:20, 6:50, 7:20, 7:50 and 8:50
  •  Mark Daniels sports at 6:10, 7:10 and 8:10 and Mark visits with Kelly Meyer at 7:50.
5:15 Mike Austin Ag Report
5:20 Orion Samuelson's National Farm Report
5:25 Mike Austin Farm Markets
6:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Back Page with Wayne Larrivee
6:35 Badger Update
7:40 Rush Limbaugh’s Morning Update
8:10 Birthday Dinner Drawing
8:40 Kim Komando Digital Minute
8:56 News You May Have Missed

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